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The MEDICAL OFFICE Russian Monthly Magazine
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Welcome to Medical Office Magazine!

When we were approached by two doctors with an idea of launching yet another Russian-language magazine to serve the community, we asked the same questions you would surely ask. Why should anyone trust this publication more than any others? Isnt the medical profession fighting a reputation of indifference, greed and commercialism? Despite this, we began to launch a publication that will remind the public that there are good doctors out there who want to help people.  

It is that simple. Six months later we found ourselves at the gates of a revolution. As medical professionals begin to recognize the dangers of patient mistrust, we have launched a vehicle that fosters deep relationships with patients who are seeking honest advice and help.  

As we launch, it is clear that more than ever, patients need a trustworthy, reliable monthly vehicle that contains a comprehensive directory of doctors and services. Most importantly, we are not planning to endorse only paying customers we are committed to publishing everyones information because that is what will benefit patients the most.

Our belief is that media that serves the community should grow and mature alongside it. We know that Russian-Americans are too sophisticated for segmented, badly produced media with elusive advertising messages. People expect and appreciate quality. This is what this publication is all about - quality services, quality medical care, quality advertising and quality response for our partners. 

OUR DEMOGRAPHY: Magazine is published in Russian language to target Russian-American community in New York metropolitan area.  Russian-Americans are known to be the most conscious consumers of health-related services.  According to an official census, we have over 1 million of Russian-speaking individuals living in NY metro.  Many of them are elder people who enjoy full health benefits.  Typically, these people are at least bi-lingual (Russian-English) but prefer reading and writing in Russian their first language. 

OUR HISTORY: Launched in May 2007, Medical Office magazine now reaches out to over 30,000 targeted readers monthly.  Typically, the publication is given away for free to our readers and is available at numerous pharmacies, newsstands, major food and book stores, medical offices, etc.  Main areas of distribution include Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Far Rockaway, while expanding to Long Island, near New Jersey and Connecticut. 

MARKETING: To help creating a better market awareness of our magazine, Medical Office is promoted from time to time at the major local Russian FM, AM and TV stations, as well as through printed and online media. Our own advertising agency, RP Media Group (www.rpmediagroup.com), has longtime established and well-maintained business relationships with all these media channels.

RESPONSE: Based on the increased number of positive feedbacks from our readers and partners, we are proud to see Medical Office is well received.  Such feedbacks are very encouraging and make us convinced our publication quickly becomes one of the premium medical publications in NY.  We will continue with our best efforts to provide our readers and partners with highest quality content and professional advertising services.

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