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US ethnic communities hostile towards Muslims

Muslim community of the United States faces hostility from the unlikely source, the other US ethnic communities. Known for their liberal values and tolerance to intercultural differences, US ethnic communities in the US, including Russian and Ukrainian, demonstrate enmity towards US Muslims, especially to new immigrants from Arab countries.


Study shows that the majority of Russian-speakers residing in the US feels that immigration from Muslim countries is harmful for the US and needs to be restricted. Study, conducted in April 2005 in New York and Chicago showed that 39% of the Russian-speakers support active control and restriction of immigration from Muslim countries. 25% of the respondents approve measures which would limit inflow of immigrants not only from Muslim, but all other countries as well.


In the years after September 11, 2001 Ethnic communities in the US went through major shifts in ideology. If before September 11 they were mostly supportive of immigration, which supported their own decision to come to the US, then after September 11 they often feel that their lifestyle and even safety are threatened by new immigrants, especially from Muslim countries.


Nadya Sedova, 37 year old resident of Brooklyn, who came to the US in 1998 from Sochi, Russia, says: I came to America because I didnТt want to live in a country which is at war. Now I live in a country which is at war, and I happen to live in a area which is populated by people from the country we fight with or whose countrymen are probably responsible for September 11 attacks. Ms SedovaТs feelings are shared by many members of Ethnic communities in the US.

prgroup.info : 04/15/05


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