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Russian-Speaking Americans Support Opposition In Ukraine, Praising Power Of Democracy Over Bureaucracy

Overwhelming majority of Russian-speaking Americans (79%) support Victor Yushchenko, opposition leader in the political crisis-torn Ukraine. Some Russian-Americans are surprised by the effect of democratic tools, like protests and strikes, used by opposition in Ukraine. Usually, nothing can be done with the government-backed party, some Russian-Americans say. Government has police and judicial system at their disposal and that is something you cannot argue with successfully. 67% of Russian-speakers who participated in the survey conducted by Press Release Group on December 3, 2004 are convinced that Victor Yushchenko will become Ukraines next president. Remaining 33% think that Victor Yanukowich, Yushchenkos opponent, still can win or sabotage the election in order to avoid Yushchenko taking the office.


Victor Yanukowich received campaign support from Russias president Vladimir Putin and Ukraines East, which wants closer ties with Moscow. However, Putins interference with Ukraines elections is not approved by Russian-speakers who live in the US. Press Release Group study shows that 31% have favorable opinion of President Putins actions in regard to Ukrainian elections.


Summary of findings:


Q1. Which candidate for President of Ukraine do you support?

Victor Yushchenko:             79%

Victor Yanukowich:             21%


Q2. Who, in your opinion, will become next president in Ukraine?

Victor Yushchenko:             67%

Victor Yanukowich:             33%


Q3. What is your opinion towards Vladimir Putins actions in regard to Ukrainian elections?

Favorable:                             31%

Unfavorable :                        69%

prgroup.info / 12.07.04


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