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One out of two Russian-Americans plans to read the new Harry Potter Book

July 16, 2005 might become the biggest book-selling day in history, as the seventh installment of Harry Potter series hits the stores. Scholastic, the US publisher of the series, is set to deliver more than ten million copies to the bookstores. More than 75% of the books might be sold within the first 24 hours.


Harry Potter Books are very popular among Russian-speakers. Its Russian translation broke all records. However, Russian-Americans are also reading Harry Potter, in Russian and in English. Study conducted by Press Release Group in 2004 has showed that more than 40% of the Russian-speakers have read at least one Harry Potter book.


A recent PR Group survey asked Russian-American respondents whether they intend to read the seventh book in Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince.


27% of respondents indicated that they will most definitely buy and read the book. 16% said that they are likely to buy the book as a present for children, but are not planning on reading it. 12% said that they will wait for the Russian translation of the book, which is likely to follow the English release. 45% of the respondents indicated that right now they dont plan on buying the book.


The study has been conducted by surveys of randomly selected individuals within demographic proportions according to the Ethnic Population Estimator Index. The sample size of 934 gives a standard error of 4%.

prgroup.info : 07/09/05


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