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Mayor Michael Bloombergs approval rate low among Russian-speaking New Yorkers

Russian-speaking New Yorkers, who constitute approximately 5% of population of New York City, are not happy with Mr. Bloombergs performance as city mayor. Recent poll by Press Release Group, a New York-based research company, showed that 51% of Russian-speaking residents of New York do not approve Mayor Bloombergs work. 36% of the Russian-speaking population said that they think that Bloomberg is doing a good job, while 13% said that they are not sure.


Mayor Bloomberg became a mayor after September 11, 2001 and had to bring economy of New York back on track. While in the office, Bloomberg put the anti-smoking laws in place and made severe budget cuts on firefighters and police programs. The citys richest mayor is set to run for reelection in 2005. The city has changed since the time Bloomberg took the office. And one of the changes is that now the majority of New York population are members of the ethnic communities, including Mexican, South American, Asian and Russian. Bloomberg seems to realize it very well, as he became an active participant of ethnic events.


However, mayors low approval rating among Russian-Americans, one of the large ethnic communities, might become a problem on the way to a second term.


The study has been conducted by Press Release Group in June of 2005 by surveying 1023 people. Margin of error for the study is 3.6%.

prgroup.info : 06/07/05


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